The total surface of the house is about 200m2 and it can accommodate up to 8 persons in five beds. The bedrooms are arranged around a courtyard (patio) and are decorated with hand carved furniture, rugs, mirrors and ornaments from the souks of Marrakech. The bathrooms are decorated using traditional Tadelakt with hand beaten copper wash basins and beautiful Moroccan lanterns. Additionally, on the ground floor, there is a dining room, a library, and a kitchen.


  • Jasmin with a double bed (160cm—200cm) and ensuite bathroom, with airconditioning
  • Figuier with a double bed (160cm—200cm) and ensuite bathroom, with airconditioning
  • Bougainvillée with a double bed (140cm—200cm) and ensuite bathroom, with airconditioning


  • Cannelle with a single bed (90cm—200cm) and ensuite bathroom
  • Oranger with a single bed (90cm—200cm), this bedroom is small and has no bathroom

In addition, a fully equipped kitchen, a Moroccan lounge (salon marocain) and a library are also found on the ground floor. A large roof terrace is found on the top floor.

Riad-Naila-Vacation-Rental-Marrakech-08 Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-Vacation-Rental-Marrakech-10 Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-8b Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-8 Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-Vacation-Rental-Marrakech-11 Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-Vacation-Rental-Marrakech-12 Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-10 Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-Vacation-Rental-Marrakech-15 Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-Vacation-Rental-Marrakech-17 Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-11 Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-Vacation-Rental-Marrakech-19 Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-12 Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-Vacation-Rental-Marrakech-21 Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-15 Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-14 Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-Vacation-Rental-Marrakech-27 Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-Vacation-Rental-Marrakech-28 Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-Vacation-Rental-Marrakech-32 Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-19b Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-19 Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-Vacation-Rental-Marrakech-35 Bedrooms
Riad-Naila-Vacation-Rental-Marrakech-36 Bedrooms

Below you can find plans of the three floors: